Cultural Society


The College is committed to the all-round development of the students. Thus, it has set up various cultural societies that are very active. Akrit, the dance group and Saarang, the music group, under the Cultural society of the College are outstanding. The cultural society organizes a musical event, Awaaz and a dance event called Tarang to encourage the students to engage themselves in the cultural events. Teachers' day was celebrated by the students of the Cultural Society on 4th September every year to show respect and gratitude to their Gurus. The cultural society organizes the following activities:

1.      The Cultural Society of ARSD College successfully organizes the annual cultural festival, TIDE every year.

2.      It organizes various competitions such as One-act play, Western group singing, ad-mad, Hindi and English debates.

3.      Introduction of new events like newspaper dressing, photography competition, and T-shirt painting were recently initiated by the cultural society.

4.      A seven-day music workshop was organized by the Cultural Society, where the students were taught the nuances of Indian classical music by Ms. Meenakshi Prasad, an eminent thumri singer.



1              Dr. Vinita Tuli  (Convenor)

2              Dr. Jaya Tomar

3              Dr. Anju Bajaj