National Cadet Corps is the largest students' uniformed organization in India. The ARSD NCC branch is affiliated to 7 Delhi Battalion under Group C of Delhi NCC Directorate. ARSD NCC is one of the most active student society of this college which aims to develop character, comradeship, discipline, leadership, secular outlook, spirit of adventure and the ideals of selfless service amongst the youth, which has further helped the cadets to find their way to Indian Defense Services and other such careers. Under the supervision and guidance of Lt (Dr) Sandeep, Associate NCC Officer of ARSD College the college NCC unit has actively taken took part in many prestigious NCC camps, activities and has organized various events over the past few years.

NCC organizes and takes part in the following activities.

1.      The College NCC is aware of its social responsibilities. joined the Swachh Bharat Campaign with enthusiasm organizing frequent cleanliness drives outside and inside the College premises to make students aware of sanitation and cleanliness. It also motivated the students to carry forward this campaign to their localities.

2.      Republic Day Camp is the longest duration camp of NCC (30 days). In this camp all the 17 NCC Directorates from different states take part and showcase their culture and also take part in various healthy competitions. Cadets of our college have been making their selections every year into RDC and thus representing Delhi Directorate.

3.      NCC organized a Yoga camp to train cadets so that they can take part in yoga day.

4.      NCC gives its cadets various opportunities to prove themselves. One of the toughest and hardest camps is “THAL SENA CAMP.” 2 of our cadets were selected for this camp after hard physical training of 30 days.

5.      Every year NCC organizes National games. Cadet Aditya Kumar was selected for NCC National Games.

6.      NCC gave a chance to cadets to become familiar with the cultures of other states by organizing a camp like Special National Integration Camp. 5 of our cadets were selected for Tejpur, Assam camp and 6 cadets were selected for Dimapur, Nagaland camp. In the Dimapur camp our cadets won Gold Medal for their performance in the cultural competition

7.      Amar Jawan Jyoti is an event in which cadets are seleced for the Guard of Honour at India Gate. One of our cadets, JUO Rohit Kumar was selected for this event. The Amar Jawan Jyoti day is celebrated as NCC Day.

8.      Our cadets have always been selected for Army Attachment Camp. They have always been in regular contact with the Army

9.      NCC gives cadets a chance to experience the life of Gentlemen Cadets at IMA. From Delhi Directorate only 4 cadets were selected for this camp, one of our cadets, SUO Ambareesh Shukla, got the opportunity to participate in the Indian Military Academy Camp.

10.  NCC college unit organizes one of the best NCC fests of Delhi University, “Sangharsh”

11.  Our college was the first college to organize an NCC Band in which our cadets participated.

12.  ARSD NCC has been very active in various activities, competitions, camps and many more events. It has shown its excellence in various Inter-College Competitions organized by different colleges.



1                     Dr. Sandeep