Garden Committee

It is said that a garden is a grand teacher. It teaches patience, carefulness, watchfulness, and thrift; above all, it teaches hard work. because without hard work nothing grows except weeds. The garden committee of A.R.S.D. college is inspired by the above saying and has been working towards a goal of a greener college for us all to enjoy. The committee initiated the gardening activities in February 2014 in the Commerce department. The committee planted more than 2000 large and small plants with approximately 85 large marble pots and more than 800 small earthen pots in the last one year. This is just the beginning and we aim to continue with the plantations drive to green the entire 13 acres area of our college.

The garden of ARSD college is designed in a geometrical design with Royal palms greeting you in the in front rows, Fan palms on the sides. Bamboo palms, Areca palms, Sago palms and Fistal palms adorn the four corners of the garden. Facing the corridors of the department are two concentric circles of ficus around sago palms bordered with pink roses. Gaps in the Duranta hedges were filled up and variegated Canna of red, orange and yellow colours were added as hedges along with rows of ficus panda and ferns in the entrance. In addition, majestic Ashok & Champa trees among others were planted around the department to create a green haven all year around. Ornamental plants like starlight, dieffenbachia ferns, arrowhead, asparagus and zed plant were planted to enhance the aesthetics of our college. Creepers like madhumalti, allamanda, bougainvillea, crorodomdorn, jasmine to name a few are planted spreading beauty and fragrance.



Mrs. Manju Pandey