Chairperson’s Message

Congratulations to all, the students, faculty members and non-teaching staff for the wonderful progress in year 2017-18. It is a great pleasure to witness the transformation of Atma Ram Sanatan Dharma College. Since last few years, the college is constantly raising the bar of progress and is able to achieve new milestones. All the stakeholders are contributing well in materializing the motto of the college “Making the learning to be endowed with radiance”.

Expansion in infrastructure in form of sport’s facilities, seminar halls, auditorium and research laboratories are the indicators for extreme possibilities in future. I am sure the infusion of new blood in form of young bright faculty and the wisdom of senior faculty would propel all towards a fascinating journey of excellence. The journey has already begun as evident by NAAC ranking of “A” grade and NIRF ranking of 14. Good research publications and excellent research projects indicate the high quality of faculty.

The varied cultural and educational activities organized by different societies of the college and creation of infrastructural facilities indicate the intellectual exposure the students would experience expanding their horizons and adding to their worthiness. I wish a bright path ahead to everyone.