B.A (Hons) Political Science
Semester I
Paper I: Colonialism in India
Paper II: Understanding Political Theory
Paper III: Constitutional Democracy and Govt. in India
Paper IV: Concurrent – Qualifying Language

Semester II
Paper V: Nationalism in India
Paper VI: Political Theory: Concepts and Debates
Paper VII: Political Processes in India
Paper VIII: Concurrent – Credit Language

Semester III

Paper IX: Introduction to comparative govt. and
Paper X: Theories of Administration
Paper XI: Theories of International Relations and
World History
Paper XII: Concurrent – Interdisciplinary

Semester IV

Paper XIII: Political Institutions and Processes in
Comparative Perspective
Paper XIV: Public Policy and Administration in India
Paper XV: Global Politics
Paper XVI: Concurrent – Discipline Centered I

Semester V
Paper XVII: Indian Political Thought-I
Paper XVIII: Classical Political Philosophy
Paper XIX: Development Process and Social
Movements in Contemporary India
Paper XX: One optional from the following*:
A. Understanding South-Asia
B. The African Experience: Polity and
C. Feminism Theory and Practices
D. Dilemmas in Politics
E. Public Policy in India

Semester VI
Paper XXI: Indian Political Thought-II
Paper XXII: Modern Political Philosophy
Paper XXIII: India’s Foreign Policy
Paper XXIV: One optional from the following*:
A. Contemporary Political Economy
B. Feminism and Indian Politics
C. The United Nations and Global Conflicts
D. State Institutions and Civil Society
Organizations in India
Paper XXV: Concurrent – Discipline Centered II

Syllabus For All Program