B.A (Programme)
Semester Paper Name
I* Language Course - I
Language Course - II
Discipline Course - I
Discipline Course - II
II* Language Course - III
Language Course - IV
Discipline  Course - III
Discipline Course - IV
III** Language Course - V
Discipline  Course - V
Discipline  Course - VI
Foundation Course - I
IV** Language Course - VI
Discipline  Course - VII
Discipline  Course - VIII
Foundation Course - II
V** Language Course - VII
Discipline  Course - IX
Discipline  Course - X
Application Course - I
VI** Language Course - VIII
Discipline  Course - XI
Discipline  Course - XII
Application Course - II

Note :

  • Option for Language Courses : English, Hindi, and Sanskrit .
  • Option for Discipline Courses : Maths, Sanskrit, History, Political Science, Economics, English Literature, Hindi Literature, and Computer Applications .
  • Students can take any one of the following sets. But they should opt the same paper from the next semester sets.
  • Regarding subject choice available for III, IV,V, and VI semester, students should contact the college office.
Syllabus For All Program