B.Com (Hons)

No. of Seats : 137

The Course : The programme of B.Com (H) is a field of training a student in business practices required for developing sound understanding and analysis of the corporate world. The curriculum includes paper which enable students to understand the trends of the Competitive market as well as the internal working of an organization. This programme also imparts knowledge of Computers, which include MS-Office, MS-Access, Visual Basic, Computerised preparation of final accounts and payroll system.

Paper No Description Paper No Description Paper No Description
Semester – I Semester – III Semester - V
CH 1.1 Business Organization & Management CH 3.1 Business Mathematics CH 5.1 Management Accounting
CH 1.2 Financial Accounting CH 3.2 Income-tax Law & Practice CH 5.2 Financial Management
CH 1.3 Micro Economics – 1 CH 3.3 Macro Economics CH 5.3 (a) Auditing
(b) E-Commerce
CH 1.4 Business Laws CH 3.4 Principles of Marketing CH 5.4 (a) Financial Markets, Institutions and Financial Services

(b) Compensation Management

(c) Corporate Tax Planning

(d) Advertising & Personal Selling

(e) Business Data Processing - I Practical
    CH 3.5 English/Hindi/MIL/
Phil. /Pol. Sci./History
(Inter Disciplinary)


Semester – II Semester – IV Semester – VI
CH 2.1 Business Statistics CH 4.1 Indirect Tax CH 6.1 International Business
CH 2.2 Fundamental of Computer CH 4.2 Corporate Accounting CH 6.2 Governance, Ethics & Social Responsibility of Business
CH 2.3

Micro Economics - 2


CH 4.3 Cost Accounting CH 6.3 (a) Business Communication

(b) Project Work
CH 2.4 Corporate Laws CH 4.4 Human Resource Management CH 6.4 (a) Entrepreneurship and Small Business

(b) Fundamentals of Investment

(c) Consumer Relation & Customer Care

(d) Business Tax Procedure & Management

(e) Business Data Processing - II
CH 2.5

Bengali (MIL)

CH 4.5 Indian Economy - Performance and Policies    
Paper No. Paper code Description
XIX. C-301 Management Accounting
XX. C-302 Macro Economics
XXI. C-303 Indian Economy - Performance & Policies
Any Two Groups (Optional Paper)
Group - A
XXII. C-304 Financial Management
XXIII. C-305 Fundamentals of Investment
Group - B
XXIV. C-308 Principles of Marketing
XXV. C-309 Advt. and Personal Selling
Group - C
XXVI. C-313 Corporate Tax Planning
XXVII. C-315 Business Tax ProcedureManagement
XXVIII   Project Work
Syllabus For All Program