B.Sc (Hons) Computer Science
No. of Seats : 46

The Course :
The B.Sc. (Hons.) Computer Science Program is a professional 3 year (6 semester) programme. The curriculum of this programme includes computer languages such as C, C++, Java and Advanced Internet Technologies, Computer Graphics, XML, XSL, PESL-CGL and so on. The students undertake a Software Engineering project at the end of 4th semester and a research paper at the end of 6th semester, which makes them well-equipped with the latest software engineering tools. Apart from building a strong base in computer technology the curriculum also includes papers like Organizational Behavior, Financial Management and Economics. These papers enhance their teamwork qualities, managing resources and decision making in a world with limited resources. Meritorious students of this course can get admission directly to M.Sc. Computer Science, Delhi University.
Paper No Description Paper No Description Paper No Description
Semester – I Semester – III Semester - V
CSHT 101 Programming Fundamentals CSHT-305 Design and Analysis of Algorithms CSHT-511 Theory of Computations
CSHT 102 Discrete structures CSHT-306 Systems Programming CSHT-512 Microprocessors
ELHT 101 Digital Electronics CSHT-507 Database Systems CSHT-513 Internet Technologies
CSHP 101 Software Labs based on CSHT 101 CSTC- 301 Basic Statistics and probability MAPT-505 Operational Research I/Real Analysis
MAPT 101 Calculus and Matrices CSHP-304 Software Lab Based on 305 CSHP-211 Software Lab Based on 512
CSHP-101 Software Lab Bases on 101
Lab Bases on Digital Electronics
CSHP-305 Software Lab Based on 306


Lab Based on 513
  CSHP-306 Software lab Based on 307    
  CSHP-307 Software Lab Based on STC 301    
Semester – II Semester – IV Semester – VI
CSHT -203 Data Structures CSHT-408 Operating Systems CSHT-614 Computer Graphics
CSHT -204 Computer System Architecture CSHT-409 Data Communication and Computer Networks CSHT-615 Information Security
ENPT-201 Technical Writing and Communication in English CSHT-410 Software Engineering CSHT-616 Elective
MAPT-202 Calculus and Geometry MAPT-404 Differential Equations STC-402 Statistical Methodology
CSHP-202 Software Lab Based on 203 CSHP-408 Software Lab Based on 408 CSHP-613 Software Lab Based on 614
CSHP-203 Lab Based on 204  CSHP-409 Software Lab Based on 409 CSHP-614 Software Lab Based on 615
    CSHP-410 Software Lab Based on 410 CSHP-615 Software Lab Based on 616
        CSHP-616 Software Lab Based on STC -402
Paper No. Paper code Description
Semester V
IX. CS 501 File structure and Database
X. CS 502 Computer Networks
XI. CS 503 Microprocessor
XII. CS 504 Numerical Analysis & Scientific Computing
XIII. CS 506 Economics
XIV. CS 506 Practicals Software lab based on 503
XV. CS 507 Practicals Software lab based on 501, 502
Semester VI
XVI. CS 601 Theory of Computation
XVII. CS 602 Networks Programming & Administration
XVIII. CS 603 Computer Graphics
XVIII. CS 604 Operational Research Techniques
XVIII. CS 605 Elective : one of the following i) Artificial Intelligence ii) Multimedia Applications
XVIII. CS 606 Practicals : Software lab based on 602, 603, 605
XVIII. CS 607 Project Work – Report
Syllabus For All Program