B.Sc (Hons) Mathematics
No. of Seats : 62+15

The Course :
Mathematics is the study of universal patterns and structures and is the quantitative language of the world. Students with a good background in fundamental mathematics have many options in terms of career possibilities and are highly sought after for postgraduate study in almost every quantitative field like actuarial sciences, environmental sciences, finance, economics to name a few.

This course gives the understanding of the notion of mathematics with basic ideas of pure mathematics (including analysis, linear algebra, geometry and group and ring theory). A broad understanding of and practice in using, basic tools of applied mathematics (including differential equations, mechanics, numerical analysis, probability and statistics). Beside this it gives familiarity with a mathematical computer programming language Fortran.
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Semester – I Semester – III Semester - V
I.1 Calculus I III.1 Calculus II V.1 Differential Equations and
Mathematical Modeling III
I.2 Analysis I III.2 Numerical Methods & Programming V.2 Analysis IV
I.3 Algebra I III.3 Algebra II V.3 Algebra IV
I.4 Creadit Course I III.4 Qualifying Paper V.4 Linear Programming & Theory of Games
Semester – II Semester – IV Semester – VI
II.1 Differential Equations and
Mathematical Modeling I
IV.1 Differential Equations and
Mathematical Modeling II
VI.1 Analysis V
II.2 Analysis II IV.2 Analysis III VI.2 Algebra V

Probability & Statistics


IV.3 Algebra III VI.3 Optional
II.4 Credit Course II IV.4 Credit Course III.1 VI.4 Credit Course III.2
Paper No. Description
VIII Differential Equations andmathematical Modeling II
  Probability and statistics
IX Algebra III
X. Analysis III
XI. Optional paper
- Applications of Algebra
- Discrete Mathematics
- Mathematical Finance
- Number Theory and Crytography
- Optimization
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