Department of Mathematics conducted its first series of one day event “Maths Fiesta”

“Quaternion” Mathematics Society under the Department of Mathematics conducted its first series of one day event “Maths Fiesta” on 8th October 2018. The event was not only informative but also helped students unwind. The seminar began at 10:00 a.m. with lamp lightening. The Principal Dr Gyantosh Kumar Jha welcomed the Chief Guest Prof B.S. Panda, Department of Mathematics, IIT Delhi and motivated the gathering to engage in more creative and educational activities apart from classroom lectures.  In the first talk, Prof B.S. Panda discussed about “Applications of Graph theory”. The students found the talk very interesting as they learnt about numerous applications of interdisciplinary subject Graph Theory in Computer science, Operations Research and many more. The second talk was delivered by Mr. Kartik Chhabra, Actuarial Manager, AIG, Gurugram on “Insight into Actuarial Sciences”. The talk proved to be extremely useful for the students as they got an opportunity to know all about the upcoming field of Actuarial science and how one can pursue a career in it. The event concluded with screening of Oscar-winning movie “A beautiful mind “based on biography of great Mathematician “John Nash”. The students were excited and able to relate the mathematical content of the movie with their classrooms lectures.

Anil Kumar Rajak                                                                     Priyanka Yadav

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