Enactus ARSD visited the Earth Saviours Foundation

Enactus ARSD decided to start the new year by contributing to a neglected, yet important part of the society. On 9th January,2019, the members of Enactus ARSD visited the Earth Saviours Foundation, located in Gurugram , founded by Mr.Ravi Kalra Ji. The NGO’s heart-warming environment is truly a product of hard-work and dedication of Mr.Ravi Kalra ji . He recently went to KBC with some of the residents of the NGO. One of our students met the lady who went to KBC with him. After listening to her experience with the organisation and the changes it brought to the lives of the residents,tears flowed down our cheeks.
The Gurukul comprised of old-aged mentally challenged people, terrorist attack victims, emotionally challenged war victims and physically challenged people , living together , under one roof , with love and harmony. It was a different, heart touching experience for the students listening to the residents of the Gurukul and getting to know about this aspect of life.
The day started with preliminary conversation with the residents of the Gurukul. They shared their life stories with the students. The bond between the students and them strengthened so quickly that there was joyous environment all around and they were enjoying getting their pictures clicked with the students. The moment was emotional when our students made them call their family members. By the time this series of mixed emotions came to end, the students served them delicious delights before leaving and left with a promise of meeting them again.
Its very well said that “Old age is the new childhood”. The residents of the Gurukul felt joyous and relieved after talking to the students that it seemed like, is person to speak to is all they need. The students were overwhelmed by the happiness they saw on their faces and their eyes were filled with tears of empathy and joy.
Enactus ARSD has decided to take this up as their project of contributing to the cause in terms of donations as well as emotional counselling and workshops.
We extend our heartfelt gratitude towards the Convener,Enactus ARSD, Dr. Manika Jain for giving us the opportunity to contribute for such a noble cause and a special note of thanks for our respected Principal Sir,Dr.Gyantosh K.Jha for always supporting us. We are looking forward to our upcoming visits there