Faculty Profile

Dr. S. Shankar Subramanian

Assistant Professor

Department of Physics

ARSD College (University of Delhi)

Dhaula Kuan, New Delhi-110021

email: shankar3274@gmail.com

Mob.: +91-9540794900

Educational Qualification

  • Ph.D (Applied Physics) from Delhi Technological University (2020)
  • M.Sc (Physics) from Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning, Prashanthi Nilayam, A. P. with 85% (2011)
  • B.Sc (Physics) from Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning, Prashanthi Nilayam, A. P. 77.2% (2009)
  • NET (National Eligibility Test) Dec-2010, conducted by UGC-CSIR
  • GATE (Graduate Aptitude Test in Engg.)-2011 and 2013
Career Profile

1. Worked as Assistant Professor at  Amity University, Noida  for 1.5 years

2. Working as Assistant Professor at ARSD College, University of Delhi for 5 years.

Areas of Specialization / Interest

Research Interests : Functional Materials for Sensors

  • Magnetoelectric multiferroic bulk composites and nanoparticles 
  • Magnetoelectric coupling in BiFeO3-Ferroelectric composites/solid solutions
  • Magnetoelectric coupling in doped CoFe2O4 and CoFe2O4-ferroelectric/multiferroic composites
  • Low temperature magnetic and transport properties of LSMO-ferroelectric nanocomposites

Technical Characterization Expertise:

  • XRD for structural investigation
  • SEM/TEM for surface morphology and microstructure
  • Electronic and Magnetic-transport properties from low temperature to RT
  • VSM for magnetization measurement
  • P-E loop tracer for P vs E and P vs M measurment
  • LCR meter for Magneto-dielectric measurment
  • Impedance Analyzer for dielectric, conductivity and impedance spectroscopy measurment

Subjects Taught

  • Scilab based labs for advanced mathematical physics
  • C++ lab for mathematical physics
  • Electronic Devices
  • Communication Electronics with associated laboratory
  • Microprocessors  with associated laboratory
  • Electronic Instrumentation with associated laboratory
  • Electricity, Magnetism and Electromagnetic Theory with associated laboratory
  • Basic Physics Laboratory
  • Analog and Digital Electronics Laboratory
Research Projects (Major Grants/Research Collaboration)

List of Ongoing and Completed Projects (Major Grants)

1.  Innovation ProjectARSD (IP-304)]: Synthesis and Characterization of Ferromagnetic- BaTiO3 Nanocomposites For Magnetoelectric Properties, Rs 5,50,000/- Funded by University of Delhi, Status: Completed (2015-2016)

2.  Star Innovative Project [ARSD (SIP-01)/2016]: Effects of Particle Size on Magneto-electric Properties of Multiferroic Nanocomposites, Rs 28,00,000/-, Funded by University of Delhi, Status: Ongoing (2016- 2019).

3.  Preparation Of Manganite-Ferrite Nanocomposites For Sensor Applications (03(7275)/18), Rs 8,73,000/-, Sanctioned on 04/06/2018, Funded by CSIR, New Delhi

Research Collaborations

  • Dr. Anup K. Ghosh (Prof.), Dept of Physics, BHU, Varanasi India.
  • Dr. O. P. Thakur (Prof. & Head), Dept. of Physics, NSIT, University of Delhi, India.
  • Dr. Om Parkash (Prof.), Dept. of Ceramic Engineering, IIT(BHU), Varanasi, India.
  • Dr. Sandeep Chatterjee (Prof.), Dept. of Physics, IIT(BHU), Varanasi, India.
  • Dr. Ashok Kumar (Scientist E-II), National Physical Laboratory, New Delhi, India.
  • Dr. K. Asokan (Senior Scientist), IUAC, New Delhi India.
  • Dr. Avneesh Anshul (Scientist) , AMPRI, Bhopal, India.
Publications Profile

 (1) Manish Kumar, S. Shankar, R. K. Kotnala and Om Parkash “Evidences of magneto-electric coupling in BFO-BT solid solutions” Journal of Alloys and compounds, 577,222 (2013).

(2) Manish Kumar, S. Shankar, Om Parkash and O. P. Thakur “Dielectric and multiferroic properties of 0.75BiFeO3-0.25BaTiO3 solid solution” J Mater Sc.: Mater Electron, 25,888 (2014).

(3) S. Shankar, Manish Kumar, Anup K. Ghosh and O. P. Thakur “Conduction mechanism and dielectric properties of BiFeO3-BaTiO3 solid solutions” J Mater Sci: Mater Electron, 25, 4896 (2014).

(4) Manish Kumar, S. Shankar, G. D. Dwivedi, O. P. Thakur and Anup K. Ghosh “Magneto-dielectric coupling and transport properties of the ferromagnetic-BaTiO3 composites”Applied Physics Letters 106, 072903 (2015).

(5) Manish Kumar, S. Shankar, O. P. Thakur and Anup K. Ghosh “Effects of cosubstitution on dielectric, magnetic properties and magnetoelectric coupling in nano CoFe2O4Materials Letters  143 241 (2015).

(6) Manish Kumar, S. Shankar, O. P. Thakur and Anup K. Ghosh “Studies on magnetoelectric coupling and magnetic properties of (1-x)BiFeO3-xBaTiO3 solid solutions” J Mater Sc.: Mater Electron, 26, 1427 (2015).

(7) Rita Singh, Manish Kumar, S. Shankar, Rajeev Singh, Anup K. Ghosh, O. P. Thakur and B. Das “Effects of Sb, Zn doping on structural, electrical and optical properties of SnO2 thin films” Materials Science in Semiconductor Processing, 31,  310 (2015).

(8) Manish Kumar, S. Shankar, Shiv Kumar, O. P. Thakur and Anup K. Ghosh “Structural, magnetic, dielectric and magneto-dielectric coupling analysis of ferromagnetic-PbZr0.52Ti0.48O3 nanocomposites” J Mater Sc.: Mater Electron, DOI 10.1007/s10854-016-4637-8.

(9) S. Shankar, Manish Kumar, Brijmohan,  Shiv Kumar, O. P. Thakur and Anup K. Ghosh, “Signature of multiferroicity and impedance analysis of Co1-xZnxFe2-xLaxO4nanoparticles”  J Mater Sc.: Mater Electron (2016), DOI 10.1007/s10854-016-5473-6.

 (10)   Manish Kumar, S.Shankar, Brijmohan, Shiv Kumar, O.P.Thakur, Anup K.Ghosh,  Impedance spectroscopy and conductivity analysis of multiferroic BFO–BT solid solutions, Physics Letters A (2016), http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.physleta.2016.11.009

(11) S. Shankar, Manish Kumar, Shiv Kumar, O.P. Thakur, Anup K. Ghosh, Enhanced multiferroic properties and magneto-dielectric effect analysis of La/Co modified BiFeO3, Journal of Alloys and Compounds 694 (2017) 715-720

 (12) S. Shankar, Manish Kumar, Vinita Tuli, O. P. Thakur, M, Jayasimhadri, Energy storage and magnetoelectric coupling in ferroelectric–ferrite composites, J Mater Sc.: Mater Electron (2018), DOI 10.1007/s10854-018-9949-4.

Conference Participation / Presentations

List of Conference Participation

(1) Manish Kumar, S. Shankar, Om Parkash and O. P. Thakur, “Comparative studies of BiFeO3 prepared by chemical routes”, “INTERNATIONAL CONFRENCE (IUMRS-ICA2013), Ref ID: ICA2013-0001523” at IISC, Bangalore.

(2) S. Shankar, Manish Kumar, O. P. Thakur and Om Parkash, “Electrical properties BiFeO3-BaTiO3 ceramics”, “INTERNATIONAL CONFRENCE (IUMRS-ICA2013), Ref ID: ICA2013-000710” at IISC, Bangalore.

(3) Manish Kumar, S. Shankar and O. P. Thakur, “Room temperature dielectric properties of Bi1-xBaxFe1-xTixO3 solid solutions”, “INTERNATIONAL CONFRENCE ON SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING OF MATERIALS (ICSEM-2014)” at Sharda University, Greater Noida.

(4) Manish Kumar, S. Shankar, O. P. Thakur, Anup K. Ghosh and Dhruv Bargujar “Structural and electrical properties of co-substituted nano Cobalt Ferrite” “3rd NATIONAL CONFRENCE ON NANOSCIENCE INSTRUMENTATION & TECHNOLOGY (NCNIT, 6-7 JUNE, 2015)” at NIT, Kurukshetra, India.

(5) S. Shankar, Manish Kumar, Prachi Chaudhary, O. P. Thakur and Anup K. Ghosh, “BFO-BT solid solutions: An emerging magnetoelectric materials” “3rd INTERNATIONAL CONFRENCE ON RECENT ADVACES IN CHEMICAL SENSORS” (25-26, August, 2015) at Gargi College, University of Delhi, New Delhi.

Administrative Assignments

1.      Convener, Physics Seminar Association

2.      Convener, Cricket Association (Faculty)

3.      Member, Star College Committee

4.      Member, Popular Lecture Series

5.      Member, Skill Development and Entrepreneureship Cell

6.      Member, NAAC report preparation committee

7.      Member, College Website Committee

8.      Member, Tobacco Control Committee

Research Guidance

  • Guided M.Sc students for past 2 years for their final year internship of 6 months duration.
  • We have two research projects (Innovation and Star Innovative) funded by University of Delhi and more than twenty undergraduate students are working in these projects.
  • The aim of our lab is to provide maximum benefit to our undergraduate students through these projects