Faculty Profile

Dr.Vibha Narang

Associate Professor
Department of Botany

Educational Qualification


Career Profile

  1. 1991-92--Part time Lecturer
  2. 1993-1995--Ad-hoc Lecturer
  3. 1995-1997--Research Scientist in DST sanctioned project
  4. 1998-2005--Ad-hoc Lecturer
  5. 2006-2007--Lecturer /Assistant Professor
  6. 2007-2010-Reader
  7. 2010- To Date--Associate Professor
Areas of Specialization / Interest

Physiology of Growth and Development of Plants
Morphogenesis and Plant Tissue Culture

Subjects Taught

  1. Plant Embryology
  2. Economic Botany
  3. Plant Biotechnology
  4. Cell and Cellular Processses
  5. Introduction to Biology
  6. AEC-Environmental Studies
Research Projects (Major Grants/Research Collaboration)

I was sanctioned a project on Mass Scale Production of somatic embryos and synthetic seeds in Bamboos from Department of Science and Technology ,New Delhi which was successfully completed.

Publications Profile

  1. Rao,Usha,I;Rao,Ramanuja,I.V &Narang,Vibha.1985.Somatic embryogenesis and regeneration of complete plantlets in the bamboo, Dendrocalamus strictus.Pl.Cell Reports.4:191-194.
  2. Rao,Ramanuja,I.V;Narang Vibha &Rao ,Usha ,I.1986 Origin and Development of embryogenic callus and somatic embryos in the bamboo Dendrocalamus strictus In 6th Intl.Congresss of Plant Tissue and Cell Culture Univ. Minnesota US pp.134
  3. Rao,U;Narang,V and Rao,R.1987. Plant regeneration from somatic embryos of bamboo and their transplantation to soil at Symposium on Plant Micropropagation in Horticultural Industries,101-107,Arlon,Belgium
  4. Rao,I .Usha; Rao,I.V.R;Narang,Vibha; Jerath,Rekha & Pillai,K.G 1990.Mass Scale propagation of bamboos from somatic embryos and their successful transfer to the forest.In Proc. Intl. Bamboo workshop,Nov.14-18,1988 ,pp 167-172.Cochin ,India .
  5. Rao,I .Usha; Rao,I.V.R;Narang,Vibha.1990. "Rapid Propagation of Bamboos through Tissue culture" (paper presented in Intl.Workshop in Rapid Propagation of tree species, CASAFA, Paris ,pp 57-70.


Conference Participation / Presentations

  1. Paper presented in the 6th International Congress of Plant Tissue and Cell Culture,University of Minnesota USA held from August 3-8,1986 entitled Origin and development of embryogenic callus and somatic embryos in the bamboo,Dendrocalamus strictus.
  2. Participated and presented paper in the Symposium on Plant Micropropagation in Horticultural Industries Aug.10-14,1987 entitled Plant Regeneration from somatic embryos of bamboo and their transplantation to soil at Arlon,Belgium.
  3. Participated in the Group Monitoring Workshop (DST)in Madurai Kamraj University held in March,1997.
  4. Participated in a National Seminar on Genetically Modified Organisms-Biosafety Aspects,March 10-11,2005 held at Department of Botany,Delhi University.
  5. Paricipated in Hands on Training Workshop on Genetics,Genomics and Biotechnology held from Dec.14-15,2006at Departments of Botany and Zoology University of Delhi.


Administrative Assignments

  1. Convenor Fee concession and Book Aid committee for one year
  2. Convenor Attendance committee for two years
  3. Convenor Eco Club since it's initiation
  4. Superintendent for Departmental practical examinations for almost 8 yrs
  5. Convenor Garden Committee for one year
  6. Convenor Admission committee B.Sc (Prog) for two years.
  7. Member discipline committee since last 10 years
  8. Member Library committee since last 10 years
Research Guidance


Other Activities

Established a well equipped Biology Laboratory in ARSD College